King's Hill Small Batch Scottish Gin


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Tasting Notes

King’s Hill is a juniper-led gin that has distinct notes of citrus – exceptionally crisp and smooth. It’s recommended you serve with lots of ice, Mediterranean tonic and a healthy slice of grapefruit. If you are feeling adventurous, add a sprig of purple heather (when it’s in season).

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The King's Hill Gift Set

The King’s Hill Gin 70cl (44% ABV) gift set is the perfect gift for the gin aficionado in your life! These high quality tumblers match the tactile effect on our bottle and will sit pretty next to your King’s Hill Gin.

Please feel free to add a personalised hand written gift message to your order, just add your message to the notes section at check out and we’ll do the rest.

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King's Hill 70cl (44% ABV)

The award-winning hand-crafted King’s Hill Gin in our new bespoke bottle. Piney Juniper berries form the perfect backbone of our gin.

Locally-foraged Heather, Rosehips, Gorse and Elderflower add smoothness, depth and character. Best served long with a hearty slice of grapefruit, copious ice and quality Mediterranean tonic. A gin truly fit for a King.

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